Oct 27, 2010

An Unexpected Answer for My Halloween Lesson

Halloween, 31st October, is around the corner. If you walk around Japan now, you will bound to find many pumpkin-related Halloween goods. Like most ALTs, I had a lesson on Halloween with 350+ of my students too.

And unexpectedly, I had a great piece of work amongst the 350+.

As part of the lesson, students have to create a monster, and write down what special powers their monster has. Most students created monsters, literally monsters, and their special powers include shapeshifting, disappearance, flying, running at lightning speed, etc.

But the one piece of work that left a lasting impression is this:

My monster can cause cancer.
It can bother neighbors.
It can change our lives.
My monster can also light fires.

Can you guess what it is?

Yes, it is a picture of a cigarette. My student simply drew a lighted cigarette stick.

He thinks very deeply, don't you think so? Indeed, cigarettes are like monsters.

:P I think my HPB colleagues will love to recruit him as their anti-smoking ambassador. LOL.