Aug 26, 2010

Have a Colourful Diet

When I saw this poster in the supermarket days ago, it immediately reminded me of this. One of my ex-projects. :P


Anyway, yup, in Singapore, we advocate for 2+2, which means 2 servings of fruits and 2 servings of vegetables every day. Of course, we also encourage that Singaporeans also include a variety of colours in their diet, as they contribute different minerals and vitamins, vital to our health. Everything in moderation. (LOL... I still remember all the health messages!)

In Japan, according to the poster at least, it advocates for 5 types of fruits and vegetables in a day.

The poster above created by Aeon translates to:

To build your health, fruits and vegetables are essential.
"5 A Day" will help you to stay away from illnesses.
Exercise is important to stay healthy, too.
Please include 5 types of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

It's actually pretty easy to include vegetables and fruits in my diet in Japan. There's a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, most of them are local produce, hence freshness is guaranteed.

Another reason would be for practicality. Vegetables tend to have a longer lifespan than meat and fish products. They are also cheaper than their meat counterparts. Hence, I tend to stock more vegetables in my fridge. I think my vegetable intake in Japan definitely surpass that in Singapore :P

Remember to add colours to your diet!