Jul 9, 2010

Where can I get cheap and cute stickers?

If you teach primary school students or have children who love collecting stickers, then maybe you are like me- on a search for cheap and cute stickers. :)

As part of the preparation for JET, I started a search for affordable and attractive stickers, as I will be buying almost a year's supply for about 300 students. Initially, I went to Concourse, as I remembered there used to be many partyware shops located in Concourse. However, after I arrived, I realised that the entire shopping branch was torn down to make way for other new developments. :( Wasted trip.

Nevertheless, after a tip-off from a friend, I managed to find 3 former partyware shops from Concourse at Midlink Plaza.

Picture was taken at night, after I chanced upon them after dinner on another day. That's why the shops were closed.

They sell similar but different stickers, hence you can shop around at the 3 shops first, before deciding on which one to purchase. Here are what I got in the end:

Winnie the Pooh stickers
There are 4 designs in all, 3 sheets per design. Altogether 12 sheets, they cost $27. For each sheet, there are about 70 stickers, hence each sticker costs only 3 cents! It's quite a steal, considering it's Disney stickers. :)

Singapore stickers
As part of my introduction of Singapore, these stickers of the flag would come in very handy. Each sticker comes with a shiny base and are labelled "Singapore". Each sheet costs $3, and has 96 pieces, hence it's about 3 cents per piece as well.

Other cute stickers with more texture
These stickers are bought on impulse though. There's a series of stickers sold in Popular bookstores. The series includes fruits & vegetables, cars and animals. In the end, I bought 2 pieces. Each piece has 168 stickers and costs $1.90. Hence one sticker costs barely 1 cent. But do note each sticker is quite small. Yup, they are smaller than my Pooh Bear and Singapore stickers.

Hope the students will love these stickers! Do leave a comment if you have spotted other better bargains. :)