Jun 17, 2010

Projector Phones?!

Yes. Being a smartphone, with email, net surfing, finance management, gaming, street directory, etc abilities is not enough. Now, handphones are also functioning as a projector. That makes a laptop and a projector redundant.

The first thing that came to my mind when DK and Justin showed me the Samsung Beam model at CommunicAsia 2010, with the projected screen from the handphone model... was... gosh... how I wish I can bring it to Japan! As you may have known, I will be setting off for my solo adventure in August, and a projector-handphone is really useful for teachers, like me, who teach in rural/ suburban schools, which do not have projectors in class. It's really a lifesaver for my teaching materials (in powerpoint slide formats/ videos/ pictures).

Ay... but it doesn't make sense for me to sign up a brand-new plan in Singapore, and then to bring it over to Japan. So.. I dropped the idea.

Next, I found another phone with similar function at the NTT Docomo booth. It's a Fujitsu F-04B model that NTT Docomo carried. It's a separable phone, so you can split the phone into 2, like the picture below, and control it using the other panel.

Very cool! I've inquired with the staff too: it works with MS Office documents, such as powerpoint slides, besides videos and photographs.

Nevertheless, it costs about USD$500+. That's beyond my budget.

Hence, there goes my dream of having a projector-handphone.

Next, I set my eyes on a stylish white flip phone. *drools* For a long time, there have not been many flip phone models in Singapore, let alone white ones.

The best part of the phone, to me, is that it has English settings, which means I do not need to fumble around in Japanese, and it has dictionary functions! Mmm.. maybe it's a common feature in Japanese phones, but to actually try it out on a phone, is still such a great experience. Mm.. having a handy dictionary on the go is so much more convenient. This can replace my Kotoba! application for my iPhone when I am in Japan then.

The biggest feature of this phone is that it can take high definition videos. :D

Mmm.. I must get my hands on a white flip phone in Japan!