Feb 28, 2010

Car Trip to Johor

Yesterday was my first trip to Johor. Yup, I know it's a bit embarrassing. Johor is so near Singapore, and probably tons of Singaporeans are so used to running errands or having short weekend trips in Johor, but, yup, it was my first. Haha.. so I was very thrilled to go for the car trip yesterday.

As I was all excited about the yummy food I was going to try in Johor that evening, I had a brunch, instead of 2 proper meals- breakfast and lunch. Hence, I spent the most part of the car trip, with my growling stomach. :( The first thing we hit Tebrau City was to find food at the mall.

Have a proper meal before the trip, as sometimes you will experience a traffic jam.

And after that, we did some shopping...

Comparing the prices, I think supermarket-ing at Batam is much cheaper than Johor or Singapore. The prices in Johor are quite similar to that of Singapore.

The most exciting part of the trip would be supper time! We went Taman Sentosa. It's like our hawker centre. There are many stalls, and they have ze-cha as well!

The 1st dish- 麦片炒虾婆 Deep Fried Slipper Lobster with Cereal

Yummy! I used to eat this dish with prawns. It's great with slipper lobster as well :)

The 2nd dish- Durians

I prefer the "bitter" type of durians, flesh which are pale yellow in colour instead of the rich golden yellow ones.

After the durian snack, it's time to wash your hands. How to remove the lingering fragrance on your fingers?

Use the durian's husk! See picture below for better explanation:

Thanks to our model, Victor. :P

The 3rd dish- 阿标云吞面

Heard that 阿标云吞面 was the only stall in the area to start business, then slowly, it grew to a coffee shop with other stalls, like abalone mee, dim sum, etc.

My friend loved the wantan mee here, because of the Q-ness (aka chewy-ness) of the mee. I prefer the soup though! Yummy! Definitely going back again for the soup.

And a nice end to the trip, was some fireworks set off from someone's backyard. Nice! Too bad, it's too fast for me to capture on the camera though. Nevermind, we can try the next time.

See ya again, Johor!