Nov 15, 2009

Japanese Language Made Simpler - Lesson 21

How to express the location that an action is done? The particle 'で' is used.

The structure of the phrase will be in this form:
[place] で[verb]
[verb] at [place]

For example:
eating at home= uchi de tabemasu = 家で食べます
My father is eating at home now. = chichi wa uchi de tabeteimasu. = 父は家で食べています。

Other examples:

  • I bought stamps at the post office. = watashi wa yuubinkyoku de kitte o kaimashita. = 私は郵便局で切手を買いました。(yuubinkyoku = post office; kitte = stamp)
  • He is working in Japan. = kare wa nihon de hataraiteimasu. = 彼は日本で働いています。