Nov 23, 2009

Anime Festival Asia 2009

Last Sunday, I finally bought the ticket to the Anime Festival Asia. I missed last year's unfortunately. And this year's ticket had inflated by about 200%! Last year's adult ticket costs $8 but this year's it's $15. Hence along with pretty high expectations, I went to AFA.

And... phew.. luckily I went!

I enjoyed taking pictures of the cosplayers most. Most of them gathered at level 3 of Suntec Convention Hall (which actually didn't need ticket admission, but well, if I didn't have the intention to get the tickets, think I probably won't come down at all, and thus would have missed all these altogether.)

Though it has been a while since I watched anime, I could recognise some of the anime characters which they are dressed as, like for example:

Kon from "Bleach"

Naruto from the series "Naruto"

Ten Ten from "Naruto"

Misa from "Deathnote"

There are many more cosplay characters whom I do not recognise though. Not because they are not identifiable but because I am not aware of the anime.

For instance the following, can you help to identify them?

At the exhibition, we saw many many figurines. My faves? It would be this entire collection of figurines 超うかわいいね!

L from "Deathnote" - my most fave character! But... I didn't see anyone cosplaying him that day :(

And the best part of the festival, would probably be the live voice dubbing session organised by Animax. :P

Huishan and I went to try for the role of voice dubbing Kagome in "Inuyasha- the Last Act"

from 4:31 to 5:56

Hee... wonderful experience, though it's pretty brief. Wonder if I will get to hear my clip again.

To view other pictures taken from the AFA, view my facebook album.