Oct 31, 2009

Getting a sneak of "My Girlfriend is an Agent"

Thanks to my colleagues, we managed to get 3 free tickets to the movie premiere of the latest Korean blockbuster "My Girlfriend is an Agent".

There were many fans crowding around the waiting area at the box office area, when we reached "The Cathay". A small stage was set up in the corner, waiting for the 2 main stars of the show - Ha-Neul Kim (sidetracked: I love her acting in drama serial "On Air") & Ji-hwan Kang to start the interview. The short interview session at the box office was a real challenge, with human traffic crossing from the escalators to the box office, and throngs of fans armed with cameras of all sizes - handphone, point-and-shoot, DSLR, etc, the entire area was packed.

Lucky for Suqi and me, we managed to grab a very 'scenic' spot. We were along the walkway of the stars, hence we managed to catch them closeup when they enter and leave the stage.

Then in the theatre, before the start of the movie, there was another round of interview on stage. Armed with only a point-and-shoot camera, the video and pictures were very dark and grainy, but nevertheless, do enjoy snippets below:

I didn't have much prior knowledge of the movie before I watch it. Briefly I knew that it's about a couple whom met again after their breakup, and they were surprised to find out that each other is actually an agent. I had assumed that it would be somewhat like the romantic comedy such as "My Sassy Girlfriend".

However, to my surprise, the movie exceeded my expectations. The very rookie actions of the main male lead, Ji-hwan Kang, were so funny, that it filled the theatre with much laughter. I thoroughly enjoyed the comedy.

Do catch this high action comedy at the cinemas when it opens in 5 November in Singapore: