Jun 9, 2013

Lazy to cook? Lazy to eat out? Let's call for delivery!

Not enough ingredients in the fridge to whip out something nice? Lazy to step out of the office and face the hot sun? Fret not. Here are 6 food delivery options you can try:

1. Umisushi
Craving for something Japanese? Now you can opt for sushi delivery instead of travelling all the way to the Japanese restaurants.

Besides sushi and sashimi, they also offer bento sets. View delivery menu. And the best part is prices are affordable. Bento sets costs around $6+.

My recommendation...
The Grilled Saba Bento Set. It costs $6.20, and the saba portion is exactly the size that you see on the promotional picture. Great taste. Great value. Without stepping out of the doorstep.

Other nitty gritty stuff to note:

Otherwise, you can try Sakae Delivery, but options are more costly than Umisushi. Minimum order of $40 applies too.

2. Lee Wee Brothers Nasi Lemak
Want something local, and not the usual pizza? Try nasi lemak lunch boxes by Lee Wee Brothers. Each cost $3.50.

View delivery menu. It doubles up as the ordering form as well.

Other nitty gritty stuff to note:

  • Delivery hours: view time slots
  • Minimum order: $100 (else self-collect from their stores)
  • Delivery charge: Free for single location
  • Order online: email info@leeweebrothers.com
  • Delivery hotline: 6385 9122/ 6385 9133
  • Other terms and conditions

3. Spize
If nasi lemak as a local option is not enough, try Spize. Lots of local options, from Chinese (tzecha-style), Malay to Western food. Western options tend to be a bit more costly, about $10 odd. There local options range around $6 to $10.

View delivery menu.

The selling point...
The variety of options!

Spize has two branches in River Valley and Bedok. Hence delivery charges and minimum order depends on the proximity.

Other nitty gritty stuff to note:

  • Delivery hours: 11.30am to 2am
  • Minimum order: $25/ $40
  • Delivery charge: $6 -$15 depends on location
  • Order online: Available
  • Delivery hotline: Call the respective branches
  • Other terms and conditions

4. Pastamania
Pastamania to the rescue if you crave for some spaghetti and yet ran out of canned tomato sauce.

View delivery menu.

My advice...
Don't worry about your pasta turning soggy. They separate certain ingredients when they pack for delivery. You only mix them upon delivery.

Other nitty gritty stuff to note:

  • Delivery hours: 10am to 3am
  • Minimum order: $10, unless stated otherwise
  • Delivery charge: $3
  • Order online: Available - click on "Sign in/ Register"
  • Delivery hotline: 6275 7555
  • Other terms and conditions

5. Dominos Pizza
Dominos Pizza is my personal favourite when I am looking for pizza delivery.

The selling point...
30 minute delivery. If they exceed 30 minutes, they will give you a coupon, which you can redeem a free pizza upon your next order. Great if you are really hungry.

To view delivery menu, you will need to login first. But for a taste of what they offer, here's their regular menu.

My advice...
Go for the crunchy thin crust! And do try to order online instead of calling, as online order are applicable for an additional side. The side can be twisty bread, onion rings, etc.

Other nitty gritty stuff to note:
  • Delivery hours: By 11.30pm
  • Minimum order: $15 or a regular pizza
  • Delivery charge: free
  • Order online: Available - click on "Order Now".
  • Delivery hotline: 6222 6333
  • Other terms and conditions

Alternatively, you can try Canadian Pizza, for their 2 for 1 offers (it's a permanent offer). Prices are comparable with her competitors.

6. Popeyes
It's night time, and you crave for something sinful. Crispy fried chicken would be nice. Try Popeyes.

View delivery menu.

My advice...
The sweet corn cup isn't quite worth it. It's small compared to MacDonald's. Try whipped potato instead. It tastes better than KFC's.

Other nitty gritty stuff to note:
  • Delivery hours: 10am to 10pm or 10am to 12am, depending on location
  • Minimum order: $12
  • Delivery charge: $4 if orders are under $25
  • Order online: Not available
  • Delivery hotline: 6222 6333
  • Other terms and conditions

Instead, you can try Popeye's rival, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Or the all-time-favourite old timer fast food delivery option - MacDonald's.

And that's all for today. I will add on to the list, after I have tried other less common food delivery options. Let me know if you have tried something out of the regular too!

~Disclaimer: All information are accurate as of 9th June 2013.

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